American Youth Theater Training program

The American Youth Theater, founded in 2018, is a new and novel theater training space in NYC.
Our training is based on the idea that frequent performance opportunity (of quality material) is the best teacher.

Our rigorous foundation of training in the skills you'll need to succeed, both in the competitive musical and classical theatrical worlds (keeping in mind that having fun is essential) and in life(!) provides a recipe for an amazing educational experience!

The confidence you'll acquire, the communication skills, ability to think on your feet and perform at your highest level are attributes that are useful in any career, not just on the stage. Come share and grow with us.


A space to learn and grow, perform and fly!
Your imagination's playhouse brought to life!
  • Acting, singing, and dancing are story-telling tools to connect with an audience
  • Acting instruction - character interpretation
  • Singing instruction - singing and speaking voice training
  • Dance instruction - group and solo theatrical movement
  • Skills taught in a teamwork oriented, constructive, positive environment
  • Collaboration and camaraderie are key concepts

                       Fun is the ESSENTIAL component in creating an environment where students WANT to learn.

Our adaptive program is designed both for students with little to no experience and for more experienced and polished performers, showcasing students with previous training and skills. As with anything, fundamentals are the key;  skill, growth and polish comes with time and experience.

Age appropriate materials, toe-tapping original music, a grounding in the classics, and great scripts for every age make American Youth Theater an ideal place for fun, while instilling habits of discipline. We help young students develop their passion for performance and communication, qualities that will give our students an edge in everything they do.


About our founders Peter Jones and Erich Rausch :

            PETER JONES:  In addition to working and performing with some of the most innovative Children's & Youth Theater companies in NYC, teaching at NYC public schools P.S. 5 Ellen Lurie, Columbia Secondary School, and in Locust Manor, has performed in dozens of National, international and regional tours. He is faculty of the Broadway Theater Institute, Michael Chekhov Studio and more...

             ERICH RAUSCH   created the first vocal classes for pre-teens at The Lee Strasberg Institute and is a recipient of the prestigious Paper Mill Playhouse Rising Star Award. He has been seen in award winning Independat films. He was invited to MusicTheater Bavaria in Germany to teach and direct young adults preparing for careers in American musical theater and opera. more...

About AmericanYouthTheater

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