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About Youth Theater Training


A space to learn and grow, perform and fly!
Your imagination's playhouse brought to life!

  • Acting, singing, and dancing are story-telling tools to connect with an audience
  • Acting instruction - character interpretation
  • Singing instruction - singing and speaking voice training
  • Dance instruction - group and solo theatrical movement

  • Skills taught in a teamwork oriented, constructive, positive environment
  • Collaboration and camaraderie are key concepts
  • Fun is the ESSENTIAL component in creating an environment where students WANT to learn.

Our adaptive program is designed both for students with little to no experience and for more experienced and polished performers, showcasing students with previous training and skills. As with anything, fundamentals are the key; skill, growth and polish comes with time and experience.

Age appropriate materials, toe-tapping original music, a grounding in the classics, and great scripts for every age make American Youth Theater an ideal place for fun, while instilling habits of discipline. We help young students develop their passion for performance and communication, qualities that will give our students an edge in everything they do.

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