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AYT Casting


musicals by Barbara Schaap


Casting teen and pre-teens actors 5 - 16,

beginners to triple threats, comic actors, young actors who move well, experienced dancers & singers.  All Ethnicities.

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     4 DAY PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP:             

     The Workshop is a TUITION - based 

     A Performance Training Program

     The Fee for Ensemble Actors $220     

                         Mainstage Lead  $250    

      ALL participants receive either a LEAD or ENSEMBLE 
      part, (which includes a Featured Role in a short play,
      and a Chorus role in a larger one.)

       PURCHASE BELOW or on Registration page

           There is a $25 sibling discount.
           Returning students CONTACT US for discounted rate 


         "The Tortoise and the Hare," "The Ugly Duckling"
                   and Other Tales.

Narrator (Supporting)   Male or Female    6-16

Speaks directly to the audience, and comments on the action of the Play; they enjoy the story, and telling it, and are wise to the ways of the world and the lessons to be learned.

Tortoise   (Lead)   Male 12-16

Opera buff, a baritone/tenor, the Tortoise has a moment of despair, and a Grand Aria to showcase it before his fortunes are reversed and he wins the race. 12 – 16.

Hare       (Lead)     Male or Female  11-16

Confident to a fault, this Tenor or Soprano Tarantellas their way to – losing the race.

Mother       (Lead)      Female                 12-17

Loving, patient, and honest with all her children, Mother Duck is there when needed, but also knows to allow her kids to learn some lessons on their own; sings a duet with MUD.

BVD               (Lead)         Male or Female     8-14   

“Beautiful, but Very Dumb" is the name Mother Duck comes up with, for BVD is content to bask in his/her beauty, and looks down on others s/he deems less beautiful; a comic role.

PHD               (Lead)         Male or Female     9-14   

this is the smart one, but there’s no emotional intelligence – s/he lords over it over everyone; a comic role.

MUD (The Swan)   (Lead)  Female     9-15   

“Most Ugly Duckling”, our heroine, endures with an innocent and cheery disposition, and the quiet encouragement of Mother; MUD sings of her loneliness, her growing confidence, and finally, of astonished acceptance.

Ensemble/Leads in shorter Plays  (Chorus and Ensemble)     Male or Female     5-17   

 No experience required for these roles; each actor will play a Featured Role in a short play, and a Chorus role in a larger one.









Contact us regarding Sibling Discounts

Only one discount per student allowed



Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

PRODUCTION DETAILS  American Youth Theater

Erich Rausch, dir.; Peter Jones, choreo.; Estella Stone, hair and make-up


Multi week Performance Workshop:  March, April


Ensemble Actor


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